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How Riskalyze Helps


What’s a Fiduciary Financial Advisor?2018-12-19T20:49:51+00:00

A fiduciary is someone who looks out for your best interest. Typically, salespeople may be compensated in a manner that encourages the presentation and sale of a product that is in the best interest of the salesperson. However, fiduciary advisors are compensated on a fee basis. This is designed to ensure that a fiduciary makes recommendations that are in the client’s best interest.

How do the hedges work?2018-12-18T03:56:43+00:00

We employe two primary hedges. The first is a long / short equity. The hedge will be long equities or short equities. Our second hedge is a stock / bond hedge. It is either long equities or long bonds. We usually choose the top performing classes of stocks or bonds to employ in our hedges.

Who holds my money?2019-01-07T02:39:47+00:00

You can choose a qualified custodian such as Fidelity Investments, Charles Schwab & Co, or TD Ameritrade. We file an add advisor form to view your portfolio and to help you invest.

Some Words From Our Valued Clients!

You are what make us great!

Alex genuinely cares about his clients. I’ve been working with him for a couple of years now and I appreciate his ability to give honest feedback. I’ve improved my financial goals and recommend him to my friends. I’m inspired by his passion for making sure clients like me are taken care of. Thanks Alex! 🙏

Jeile Marie

As a business attorney, I don’t trust anyone other than Alexander with my portfolio. Alex takes a personalized modern approach to financial planning that fits perfectly with my needs and exceedingly meets all of my financial expectations and goals! I definitely recommend choosing Alexander Tecle for your investment needs.

Gavin McLean Esq.

Our Process To: Plan Invest and Manage

1. Meet

First, we establish a rapport with “you” as the client. That’s relationship and you’re at the center of it. A good financial advisor should lead with you, not with a product for sale. That’s how a true fiduciary advisor places your interests above theirs. When so-called “advisors” lead with products, they’re actually proposing a sale, not a financial plan. We never lead with products because we aren’t compensated with commissions. We do this in the first meeting by identifying your primary goals and planning objectives. This is when we will discuss your needs, wants, ideas, and background. We will also talk about any prior planning you’ve done and your investment experience. This will help us understand the matters that are most important to you for your financial well-being. We will outline your financial roadmap to prioritize your key objectives.

2. Analyze

Secondly, know your risk tolerance. It’s important to understand your “true” risk tolerance. So we test for it. Old-fashioned financial advisors and stock brokers ask you to choose a number from 1 to 10 to determine your investment risk tolerance. However, studies have shown that a self-assessment may not be accurate. Consequently, we use an independent process to assess your investment risk tolerance called Riskalyze. It’s quick and painless and when you’re done, it assigns you a “risk number” much like a speed limit 0mph to 100mph. From your individualized speed limit, we can compare your existing investments to your risk number. We also can customize your investment portfolio so that we never exceed your speed limit, while accomplishing your goals. “Know what you own, and know why you own it” Peter Lynch, Fidelity Investments, One Up On Wall Street, 2000

3. Execute

Action. This is where your financial plan becomes reality. We’ve delivered your financial plan with some sage advice: “Identify how much money is coming in and how much is going out to develop a short, intermediate and long-term plan. Have an emergency fund and a diversified portfolio.” Jill Schlesinger, CFP® After you have received your customized financial plan with portfolio recommendation, we will tirelessly answer any questions and make clarifications as needed. The plan will then be implemented into action. Upon initiating your portfolio recommendations, we will follow-up in order to review the results of the implemented solutions. “First, do no harm. It’s a good investment principle.” Ken Fisher, Fisher Investments, The Only Questions That Count, 2006. CFP® is a © 2019 Certified Financial Planner Board of Standards, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

4. Review

Monitoring. We perform quarterly and annual check-ups with you, or more frequently as circumstances warrant. Life-changes. So it’s important to consider additional goals and changes in circumstances. So we will likely be in contact more frequently, especially in light of market conditions and your financial needs. “As a financial planner, I cannot protect you from the risks you face in life [injury, illness, death, and lawsuits] – no financial planner can – but I can protect you from the financial loss that can result when those risks become reality.” Ric Edelman, Edelman Financial Engines – Edelman Online, The Truth About Money, 2005.

5. Add Value

Value.We strive for value, as our recommendations are written, actionable financial plans. Our work coordinates your accounting, tax, estate, life insurance, annuities, legal, and retirement plans, like the conductor of a symphony to ensure that the entirety of your wealth plan is secured. To do this, we use award-winning financial software including eMoney and Riskalyze to ensure that the most in-depth analysis and stress testing of your financial plan. Our team members are highly-credentialed individuals whose goal is to provide you the best and most competent advice. We work with one of the finest Miami Tax Attorneys who is an attorney-CPA and member of the American Academy of Attorney-Certified Public Accountants, AAA-CPA. Our ultimate goal is to exercise prudence and responsibility when dealing with your financial decisions.


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