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Financial Planning

Can you afford a home? As a financial planner, many clients request our help in determining the affordability of a home. When considering whether a home is affordable, we oftentimes are asked to consider how the initial down payment, monthly mortgage payment, and the annual maintenance of the home impact the financial future of the [...]

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Insurance Planning

A key component that is oftentimes overlooked by many financial advisors when creating a financial plan is the use of life insurance to protect the integrity of a family’s financial goals. One of the key risks of a family failing to meet their future financial goals is the lack of financial resources in place to [...]

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Investment Planning

Investment Planning I have many clients employed by publicly traded Fortune 500 companies.  When my clients begin their careers, their compensation plans are normally composed of a base salary with performance-based cash bonuses. As my clients progress through their careers into departmental supervisory and managerial roles, compensation bonus payouts generally tend to become more complex [...]

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Tax Planning – Section 199(A) Qualified Business Income Deduction

There was an interesting tax cut that passed through businesses as a result of the 2017 Tax Cuts and Jobs Act called Section 199(A) deduction or the Qualified Business Income Deduction. Section 199(A) of the internal revenue code provides many taxpayers a deduction for qualified business income from a qualified trade or business operated directly [...]

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Comment Policy

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412e3 Plans – Pros and Cons of Cash Balance Pension

412e3 Plans In this post, we compare 412(e)(3) plans with Cash Balance Pension plans, listing the pros and cons. The pros and cons were based upon our review of actual proposals from two different companies. In addition, we reviewed the Internal Revenue Code, the Internal Revenue Manual, Treasury Regulations, and spoke with both companies, including [...]

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